Saturday, July 25, 2015

Des Moines: University Library Cafe

The University Library Cafe is down the street from Drake University. It has been a local bar for many years. The current iteration has some excellent food. I have heard great things about their nachos, but I was able to try them for their weekend breakfast.

As you can see from the decor, students can reasonably tell their parents that they are sitting among books. But perhaps they shouldn't mention the dancing beer cans on the wall.

I started with a side of one pancake. This is on my top 10 pancakes list. It was beautiful, thick, and tasted great.

I ordered the three cheese omelette, which was excellent. The cheeses came from the local cheese shop. One was a brie, I'm not sure about the others. It also included a healthy serving of ham as well as three eggs. The roasted potatoes were also excellent---amazingly tasty.

University Library Cafe

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