Monday, July 20, 2015

Waukee IA: LT Organic Farm and Restaurant

You simply must eat at LT Organic Farm and Restaurant. It is at exit 117 on I-80, just a few miles west of Des Moines, easy to find thanks to the signs on the highway. The restaurant is a restored corn crib. The tables inside are long and communal style.

As the owner explained, the food is Guyanan, which has several influences, including Indian. The menu is prix fixe. All the food is wonderfully flavored, but the only strongly spicy dish is the potato chutney. That was a pop to the mouth but nothing extreme.

In the middle of the plate is a chicken thigh, cooked for 12 hours at low heat. It is on a bed of rice and surrounded by the vegetables. That isn't a cherry on top but a cherry tomato with yogurt. The owner explained that they grow some of their own vegetables and work with local farmers to procure the rest. The food was wonderful with superb flavors. And unlike a lot of today's food, it was fully cooked to be soft and very easy to eat. The chicken fell off the bone and was full of flavor. And the meal was very satisfying; we all left completely full.

And here are the tomato cherries almost ready to adorn more plates.

LT Organic Farm and Restaurant

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