Monday, August 24, 2015

An Ode to Cobbler

I pulled this bubbling delight out of the oven last night. I was tempted but I knew that I would burn my lips off if I ate it right away. So I waited until breakfast.

Pie is my usual morning pastry but this peach cobbler helped me to appreciate the pleasures of cobbler. I bought some rather hard peaches at the store, let them sit for a few days, and then boiled them to remove the skins. The topping is a slightly wet biscuit. Cobbler isn't that much easier than pie to make but it is at least a little easier. The thick, rich biscuit on top gives a very comforting feel in the morning. The peaches, although inexpensive and of only modest quality, were sweet, juicy, and nicely textured. I look forward to tasting this cobbler for several more mornings.

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