Sunday, August 30, 2015

Chamblee: Heart of India

I had a nice dinner at Heart of India. It is located on Chamblee-Tucker Road, on the segment tucked in between I-85 and I-285. The North Hills strip mall packs in a surprising variety of restaurants. The menu is north Indian, with a variety of meats as well as vegetarian entrees. One interesting feature is a series of tofu dishes, something that I am not used to seeing at Indian restaurants.

My meal started with papadum, served with two light sauces, one mint and the other coriander.

My meal also came with a light mulligatawny soup.

My main dish was channa masala. I asked for a heat of 10---"let's see what you can do" were my words. The result was spicy but came nowhere close to making me cry. Of course, they may have dialed it down assuming that I wasn't used to hot food. The dish was tasty and very much hit the spot.

Heart of India

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