Saturday, September 12, 2015

H&F Burger

Ponce City Market is slowly coming on line. H&F Burger, the latest outpost of the nationally-known Holeman and Finch, has been open for a couple of weeks now. As you can see, the setup is similar to that of the original Holeman and Finch. This location, however, ismore oriented towards takeout service with a counter up front. I think I spied Chef Linton Hopkins in the kitchen.

Their meat is prominently displayed in front of the takeout line. Looks great...

The menu is pretty straighforward. None of this design-your-own-burger stuff for Chef Hopkins. They also have a large menu of alcoholic beverages.

The service was very friendly, but I was given an estimate of 10 minutes waiting time that turned out to be wildly optimistic. But the result of the wait was a very, very good burger. The meat lives up to the promise of the butchery window: juicy, beefy, and with just enough char around the edges. The American cheese is rich but unfussy. The bun gives the carbohydrate complement that a burger needs. But it largely fades into the background, which is exactly what it should do when wrapped around excellent beef. The fries were fine but fairly old-fashioned and not as crisp as I had expected.

H&F Burger

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