Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jia, Authentic Szechuan

Jia is the latest venue at Ponce City Market's food hall. It offers both outside and indoor seating. This photo shows the generous counter area for singleton service; they also have a good selection of tables. They have some sort of ready-to-go option, though I couldn't quite figure it out; the food items on the rack weren't labeled.

I decided to order a to-go dish. This is my dry fried eggplant. It makes use of the same technique as that of the hot numbing beef (I love that name) at Peter Chang's. The coating is crispy but not thick. It comes with a dressing that combines dry red peppers and a bit of cilantro. My food was very tasty and satisfying, although come to think of it, it didn't come with any rice...

Jia, Authentic Szechuan

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