Sunday, September 13, 2015

Simply Seoul

I visited Simply Seoul on its second day of operation in Ponce City Market's new food court. The staff was happily purposeful in its busy pursuit of meaty bun-filled bliss. They offer an open-face respin of traditional Asian buns. As you might expect from their name, kimchi plays a big role, too.

This is two buns: one beef and one spicy pork. Scale is hard to tell from this photo---they are small so count on ordering several if you want to make a meal of them. They straight out of the server's hands and the freshness was very appealing. The ingredients were of very high quality. The bun is soft and pillowy, very comforting. The kimchi gives a bit of a crunch as a texture complement. I didn't find mine to be noticeably spicy, though. I don't know if they offer levels of heat---I wasn't offered any but perhaps that was due to the opening rush. But based on my one experience, I don't think that anyone needs to worry about burning their face off with this food. You can just lean back and enjoy the tasty comfort.

Simply Seoul

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