Monday, September 21, 2015

The Frontier Restaurant

Hyesoon and I convened our meeting at The Frontier and enjoyed a very good lunch along the way. The restaurant is located squarely across the street from the University of New Mexico. It's a huge place with plenty of parking squirreled away in various spots behind the building and down the alley. The decor is lived-in but clean and pleasant. Given the number of John Wayne portraits on the walls, the owner seems to be a fan.

A word on service: look at the menu, figure out what you want, then step up to the counter and order. They will give you a number that will pop up amazingly quickly on monitors all over the restaurant. You can then pick up your food at the other end of the counter.

I ordered the vegetarian burrito, which I found both tasty and filling. It came with a very large sopapilla. I'm a little puzzled as to how they cooked it---the surface was barely browned and it wasn't at all greasy. But it was tasty.

The Frontier Restaurant

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