Saturday, October 3, 2015

Julianna's Crepes

Julianna's is in a pretty little house in Inman Park, very near Krog City Market. Street parking is available and I'm sure the locals enjoy walking over for a treat. They serve both savory and sweet crepes, so this isn't just a snack bar. I would think that a crepe and a coffee would make a great breakfast.

This is the chef making my crepe. He is using the classic French crepe setup: he pours a dollop of batter onto the round cooking surface, then spreads it with a wooden wiper. A wide flat knife is used to gently flip the crepe.

My standard crepe order is a Nutella, but I decided to try something different. My lemon and sugar crepe was wonderful. The chef squeezed about a half of a lemon onto the crepe while it cooked, imparting a delicate lemon flavor. Crepes are French comfort food; mine was a great comfort on a rainy day.

The coffee was great, too. It had plenty of body without an overwhelming amount of acid.

Julianna's Crepes

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