Friday, November 6, 2015

Air France

My return from Europe was on an Air France flight, which allowed me to sample their food. Here is the rather impressive shopping area in my departure at Charles De Gaulle airport.

We started with an introductory course. The foie gras was excellent, served with a melange of tomatoes. We also had parmesan cheese. The salad was served with a choice of two dressings served in little tiny bottles; I chose the olive oil-based dressing, which was quite good. The roll is walnut bread and was outstanding, exceeded only by the butter.

For my main course, I ordered smoked salmon, which was outstanding. The smoking was subtle and the flesh was very tender and juicy. IT came with little balls of potato, zucchini, and tomato. I also had two cheeses: Camembert and Sainte-Maure. I didn't complain about the second helping of walnut bread and that firm, salty butter.

Dessert included a small praline, a smallorange cupcake, and a banana in vanilla cream.

The entire meal was outstanding and the service on-board was excellent.

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