Friday, November 6, 2015

Lausanne: Cafe Romand

My EPFL friends finished my visit with dinner at Cafe Romand in the center of town. This restaurant has clearly a mainstay; the decor is that of a stately but welcoming home.

We came here for the cheese fondue. I consider a fondue to be a foregone conclusion on a trip to Switzerland. Making a fondue at home is one of those things that takes a little practice to get the right balance: not underdone, not burnt. The dipping bread came in thick slices that we tore apart and speared with our fondue forks. The cheese was tasty and very satisfying but not overly heavy.

And why stop there? Dessert is another foregone conclusion. I swear that the menu listed this item as "fondue au chocolate noir": dark chocolate fondue. As you can see, it was a cake. It was very good and a great complement to the cheese. I guess I don't understand Swiss food as well as I thought.

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