Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lausanne: Crois d'Ouchy

My EPFL friends and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Croix d'Ouchy. The decor is elegant and refined. The service was wonderfully polite.

I started with some ham paired with a little cheese.

For our main course, all of us ordered the same thing, a venison-like dish. The waiter briefly brought out the entire roast to show us. He then returned a few minutes later with our plates. The meat was very flavorful and meaty without being overly strong; it was also very tender. The brussels sprouts were cooked just right, with a nice green flavor and great texture. The spaetzle made a perfect complement. We ate slowly, enjoying our food and and talking about old times.

But that was a big roast, not to be done in by a single round. After clearing our plates from the first round, the waiter came back with these plates for a full second round of the main course. If you look carefully, you can see that the side dishes are slightly different. We all greatly enjoyed our second chance, but we were also grateful that there was no third round.

Such a magnificent dinner deserved a proper send-off in the form of dessert. My berries and cream were splended and a great pairing to the meat of our main course.

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