Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro

I find Rockville Pike to be, while not exactly a food desert, relatively inhospitable to visitors. Two of my main restaurant choices in this neighborhood are Hooters and Fuddruckers. That's why I ate dinner at Matchbox for two nights in a row.

The menu has a good selection of meat entrees as well as burgers. On my first night, I ordered the trout, which is something that you don't find every day. The fish itself was good. It came on a bed of cous cous and greens. While they were good, they were also pretty oily.

On my second night, I ordered the dried tomato and fresh mozzarrella pizza. The thin crust was more on the crisp side than chewy. The toppings were pretty good but a little salty for my taste.

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