Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Asheville NC: Biscuit Head

Biscuit Head is an outstanding practitioner of the find Southern art of biscuits. Being in uber-hip West Asheville, they also offer trending alternatives like tempeh. But I think it's safe to say that most of the dozen or so people who stand in line at any one time are waiting for biscuits.

Here is a biscuit au naturel. It's known as a cats head biscuit because it is the size of the head of a cat (and a scarily large cat at that). A large toppings bar provides a selection of fruit preserves and other toppings.

Here is a biscuit with their pork sausage gravy, one of about a half-dozen varieties of gravy they offer. The texture of the biscuit is a little hard to parse out with the gravy but I suspect that these are of the beaten variety. Mine certainly gave a very tender, soft texture when I cut it with a fork. As you can see, the sausage comes in healthy-sized chunks. The sausage itself isn't your standard supermarket variety; both the color and the taste are very rich. The texture of the gravy is perfect; anyone who has made gravy knows the skill required to pull off this consistency. The flavor perfectly balances pork and milk. The song "Jessie's Girl" played as I ate; let's hope that was an ironic statement.

Biscuit Head

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