Monday, December 21, 2015

Asheville NC: Cinnamon Kitchen

Cinnamon Kitchen is off the tourist trail in the suburban area of Asheville, up the road from the Vanderbilt mansion. I had a very enjoyable meal and the chance to get away from the crowded downtown area. The service was extremely courteous and helpful.

Papadum are obligatory and always enjoyable. These were very flavorful. The lentil flavor came through very clearly. I'm not sure of the identity of the green vegetable but it provided a good complementary note.

The meal started with a selection of fried vegetarian appetizers, all very tasty.

Here are the main courses. Top is chili paneer. The paneer had a wonderful texture. I asked for spicy; the result was attention-getting but not tear-inducing. The sauce was shiny with cornstarch, perhaps a Chinese influence. The bottom photos are chicken tikka, served with sauce on the side, something that I've never seen before. The vegetables served with the chicken also reminded me a bit of a Chinese presentation.

Garlic naan complemented the meal. It was fresh and soft with just the right amount of garlic.

The finishing touch was a mango lassi that disappeared quickly.

Cinnmamon Kitchen

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