Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Asheville NC: Favilla's New York Pizza

After spending an afternoon around downtown Asheville, I was in the mood for a homey dinner. Favilla's more than satisfied me---it is an outstanding exemplar of the neighborhood New York pizza place, more authentic and homey than anything I can think of in Atlanta. Our server explained to me that the owner moved to Asheville from Brooklyn five years ago and found "nothing" in the way of pizza. A second location is now on the way. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. The only thing it lacks is a photo of Sinatra.

Here is a medium pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, and tomatoes. The pepperoni was great, with that hint of fennel that makes it more than just meat. The sauce was just right, with a clear tomato taste not masked by false sweetness or excessive acidity. My only small complaint was that the crust wasn't quite as tender as I would like, but that didn't seriously detract.

This stand is a demonstration of Favilla's authenticity. Real pizzerias use it to make extra room at the table. It's a nice touch.\

The meal ended, of course, with a wonderful cannoli.

Favillas New York Pizza

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