Thursday, December 3, 2015

Decatur: Mason Tavern

An outing gave me a chance to try Mason Tavern in Decatur. It's in the same shopping center as Community Q. It has an extensive drink menu, as befits the name, but a casual upscale decor and an interesting menu.

We started with some outstanding onion rings. The crust was rich and stood on its own, sheltering the onion.

I ordered the roast chicken for my main course. The meat was very juicy and tender with a nice brine touch. The skin was just a little spicy and very flavorful. The greens were IMHO not cooked enough and a little hard to eat---there's a reason that Southerners cook their greens to death.

These mussels and their broth looked great.

We ended with the apple pie. As a nice change of pace, the apples were diced into small pieces. A bit of ginger set them off perfectly.

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