Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brookhaven: Bon Glaze

It's hard to ignore that sign, isn't it? "Doughnuts Bacon Coffee", the Holy Trinity of road warriors. Bon Glaze is located in a new strip development at a strategic intersection in north Brookhaven. Their menu also features Belgian waffles, a nice and local twist. And they have a drive-thru window, a brilliant choice.

Here is my order. I was disappointed to find that they serve only coffee creamer, not cream, for their coffee. That decision is not consistent with their upscale image. The bacon is a very generous portion of five slices. It is thick cut and of high quality, though I didn't taste any of the promised smoke. I was also slightly disappointed to find it served at room temperature; even slightly warm would be homey. The donut glaze is rich and luscious. The donut itself was fine but not outstanding in terms of either texture or flavor.

The bill for this meal was $10 and change. This is a fun meal but not the traditional cheap thrill that the word "donut" connotes.

Bon Glaze

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