Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Tom+Chee

Tom + Chee is the latest entrant into the exploding Howell Mill zone. Its building has plenty of parking but the first entrance to the lot comes up pretty quickly. The traffic on Howell Mill makes any mistakes in navigation costly.

Their menu is primarily grilled cheese sandwiches. The soups are on the menu but don't receive as much board space. They do emphasize their grilled cheese donuts, though.

And for those of you into extreme food sports they offer a grilled cheese donut challenge.

Here is my basic grilled cheese with a cup of classic tomato soup. The grilled cheese was comforting in the way something like this should be. The bread was thick with a nice jacket of toasting on the outside. This Tom+Chee has two flavors of cheese and some coarsely diced tomatoes to give a temperature contrast. The tomato soup had very little or no cream, unfortunately.


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