Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rockmart GA: Bar-L-Bar-B-Que

The Silver Comet Trail brought me to Bar-L-Bar-B-Que. The bike trail steps off the railbed at Rockmont---those trains using the tracks would be inconvenient for us bicyclists. The result is a very pretty trail along the river and through the middle of this small town. When I saw the town, I started thinking about lunch. The BBQ sign sealed the deal. To non-Southerners, mention of a BBQ restaurant conjures up some smoke-filled shack one step away from a blacksmithing shop. Most of them, in fact, are small country restaurants. Bar-L's decor is new and pretty. The service was very helpful and friendly. My waitress told me that they see a lot of people from the trail.

This is their BBQ plate (pork, of course). Even if I hadn't just ridden 16 miles, it would have tasted good, but I was very impressed. The winning dish was the fried green tomatoes, possibly the best I've had. The tanginess of the green tomatoes came through just enough; they had practically leaped out of the fryer onto my table. The pinto beans, a featured item, were my #2 favorite; they were just soft enough and flavorful. The pork was great. The Brunswick stew was a great combination of pork, corn, and those little extras. The cornbread was good; the Texas toast had been toasted with butter.

Unfortunately, they don't serve pie :-(


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