Saturday, February 20, 2016

Austell GA: Wallace Barbeque

Wallace Barbeque is a very popular and long-standing restaurant in Austell. The parking lot was full when I got there and equally full when I left, with cars entering and leaving all the time. The restaurant is quite large and very nicely decorated. I would compare the decor to TGI Friday's but Wallace is much more tastefully decorated; most of their decorations are car-related. Service is very friendly and prompt. Just grab a menu and sit yourself down.

My pork plate should tell you that this is a meat palace. None of those wimpy vegetables that those other so-called BBQ places serve. (To be fair, you can actually order some vegetables, but I didn't see much green on the tables around me.) The steak dinner, served on a sizzling platter, looked pretty darn meaty and delicious, too.

My fries were outstanding. They were clearly hand-made and very much reminded me of Mom's. My pork was excellent. While part of it was pulled, some pieces were in little cubes, giving more textural variety. The meat was tender and very juicy. Every once in awhile I hit a bit of fat that gave an extra burst of porkiness. The sauce was fairly light and vinegary, a great complement that didn't overshadow the star of the show.

Wallace Barbecue

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