Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Update: Miller-Union

A dinner meeting allowed me to enjoy another fine meal at Miller-Union. We started off with three appetizers.

These are grits fritters with ham. They are pretty darn small and I didn't recognize them when they appeared at the table. They were superb. The ham must have been cut into little tiny pieces; I couldn't feel its texture but each ball had a wonderful ham taste.

This is hummus with some superb pita chips that had a great nutty flavor.

This is a cheese (sorry, my head is still spinning from all the food) and slices of two varieties of radish. The huge radish had a very delicate flavor.

This is a vanilla bean soda that was outstanding. A nice but not overpowering vanilla flavor in a soda that was just sweet enough.

My main course was the bass, with a soft, flaky meat and a perfectly crisped skin. It was served on a bed of Vidalia onion tops.

For dessert, I ordered a Meyer lemon tart and an espresso. The tart was huge and delicious. The Meyer lemon is naturally a little less tart than the standard varieties and it makes a great tart.

We also were able to try the chocolate tart with a touch of citrus---wonderful.

Miller Union

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