Saturday, March 5, 2016

Birmingham AL: Paramount

Downtown Birmingham was pretty empty on Saturday afternoon but quite the hopping place on Saturday evening. It's great to see the downtown being not only restored but also embraced.

Paramount is a combination bar, restaurant, and video game parlor. The staff and decor are very hipster but the clientele was an amazing cross-section. I saw people ranging in age from babies to senior citizens.

I ordered the Up In Smoke: chicken, apples, pecans, and a little bit of bacon. I was a little disappointed with the sweet potato fries, which I put in the Great Idea/So-So Execution category. They were a little too thick to be truly crunchy and the taste was a little bland. The sandwich was very enjoyable, with a great mixture of tastes that really combine smoothly. All the ingredients are cut small enough that I had no problem getting several different things in each bite.

After my satisfying meal, I went over to the video games and tried a game of Frogger; unfortunately the machine wasn't in very good shape. But I was impressed by the selection of video games, pinball machines, and Skee Ball. Paramount Bar

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