Sunday, March 20, 2016

Campbell CA: Orchard City Kitchen

Andy and Roni introduced me to Orchard City Kitchen. We enjoyed a hearty meal and a chance to catch up. It's located in the Pruneyard, tucked in the back near the movie theater.

A refreshing beverage...

The communal bacon. This is great stuff. It's sliced thickly to give plenty of the combined flavor of smoke and pork.

The triple B: biscuits, bacon, and butter. Roni tells me that this is a big favorite at OCK.

A salad as a nod to health...

And the pancakes that Roni and I each ordered. These are thick, hearty pancakes. I wasn't able to finish my stack. The topping is a combination of blueberry and some other crazy berry. It's very tasty and not overpowering. That's a huge dollop of butter on the side that I mostly set aside. The syrup is very tasty.

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