Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dresden: Elements

A group of old friends had a small reunion to celebrate the career of our friend Nanni De Micheli. We celebrated at Elements, a modern yet informal restaurant. The room has a very high ceiling and a relaxed feel. The staff was very professional but also very relaxed, right down to their casual clothing.

Bread was served with three spreads: olive oil, tomatoes (I think, it has been a long day), and a wonderful mushroom pate.

The amuse bouchewas anchovies served on something like a shrimp chip.

My appetizer was duck cooked sous vide. The duck was wonderfully tender. The flavor was definitely duck but very subtle. Grease was nowhere to be found.

My main course was cod, also cooked sous vide and perfect. The fish was both flaky and moist, a difficult combination to achieve. It was served with a potato compote and a wonderful chopped fennel dish.

My dessert was a rhubarb that had probably been boiled in sugar water. The result was very tender, sweet and a little tart, and totally devoid of the bitterness that can beset rhubarb.

I tried two of the candies: a white chocolate and an excellent toffee.

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