Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Los Angeles: House of Meatballs

I chatted with a group of UCLA students building a concrete canoe. They directed me to House of Meatballs, a good lead.

I started with a caesar salad (not very creative, I know). This was a pretty good example of the genre. The anchovies were a noticeable taste in the dressing, which isn't often the case. The croutons were very crispy.

I was in a dieting mood so I ordered meatballs with a piece of focaccia; pasta is a potential add-on. These are the Just Like Mama meatballs with beef. I also ordered the Just Like Mama with a kick sauce, a meat sauce with a kick of pepper. Everything was very well executed: moist meatballs, tomatoy sauce.

House of Meatballs

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