Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mountain View CA: Hangen

After a long flight, I really wanted some simple, homey Chinese food. So I headed to Castro Street in Mountain View. The traditional home of Penninsula Chinese food has, it turns out, gone upscale. I just barely got a parking spot at the tippy top of the parking building. I found the street packed with people, a good sign but a big change from the sleepy old days. Despite the increase in upscale restaurants, I managed to find Hangen. It's a traditional Mountain View Chinese restaurant: simple decor, efficient service. The menu is moderately Americanized but has a nice selection.

I started with dumplings in red chili sauce, a great comfort food. Everything about it was comforting. The sauce was good enough that I ate a few spoonfuls after I finished the dumplings. I will admit that after a dumpling disaster using my chopsticks, I ate the last half of the bowl with a spoon.

I really enjoyed this dish. The green beans are thinly sliced. They are joined by black beans, enough to give a nice flavor contrast and a fun hint of salt. Some small cubes of tofu completed the main ingredients.

Hangen Szechuan Restaurant

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