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Sunnyvale CA: Tarragon

Tim introduced me to Tarragon on the Murphy Street restaurant row next to Sunnyvale Town Center. It's a large, pleasant space. Service was very courteous. The menu is varied: steak, seafood, pizzas from a wood-fired oven, and a pretty good selection of vegetarian items.

Our bread was fresh out of the oven.

I greatly enjoyed my seafood paella. It was filled with shrimp, clams, salmon, cod, and various other tidbits. I don't think it had any sausage, which was fine with me. The creaminess of the rice makes this a very comforting dish.

Tim ordered the salmon.

We ordered this apple turnover to give us more time to catch up. The thing was huge---practically a meal by itself. The pastry was rich and went very well with the ice cream.

Tarragon Restaurant


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Aurora CO: Cedar Creek Pub

Cedar Creek Pub is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus of the University of Colorado. My CU Denver friends and I adjourned there for good food and discussion. I ordered the fish and chips. The fish was excellent: crispy, fluffy beer batter coating tender, moist cod. The fries were great, too.

Kalona IA: JW's Foods

We took a drive on a beautiful day to Kalona and had a very enjoyable lunch at JW's Foods. Kalona is a small town about 20 miles south of I-80 year Iowa City. The area seems to be a mix of Amish and Mennonite. JW's foods is a grocery store with a restaurant inside; it is located at the edge of town near the grain silos. The service was very helpful and friendly. The food was pretty darn good. I couldn't resist the tenderloin sandwich and I wasn't disappointed. As is traditional for these sandwiches, the tenderloin hangs out well over the bun. The pork tender was tasty and tender with excellent breading. Debbie had a beautiful turkey sandwich handmade from the deli. She reports that everything, from the bread to the meat, was outstanding.

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My appetizer was a tomato concoction served with a flat bread very reminiscent of an Indian naan. It was accompanied by cheese, walnuts, and olives. None of the food at Fanoos is heavily spiced.

My entree was a chicken skewer and rice with cherries (!). I ate the chicken and rice separately. I probably should have deskewered it, cut it up, and mixed it with the rice.