Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chamblee: 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream

8 Fahrenheit is the new ice cream sensation on Buford Highway. It's on the ground floor of a small shopping center on the southbound side of the highway.

Here is the list of flavors available on my visit. I ordered the Sexy Georgia. ALl the ice cream is served sundae-style but their technique, which the staff explained is Thai, is very different from the traditional American approach. The ice cream is made to order on a cold plate, giving the emporium its name. Their process is extremely labor intensive, but the result is not just an excellent sundae but also an entertainment experience.

Each order is hand-made. The ice cream maker starts by chopping up the mixins.

He then pours the custard from a little pitcher---you can see the pitcher disappearing at the top of the frame.

He chops and mixes everything together for a minute or so.

He then spreads the mixture out in a thin layer on the cold plate.

After the ice cream hardens, he scrapes it into rolls...

...and stuffs them into your cup. Another staffer adds the toppings---fresh peach, chocolate chips, and peanuts in my case.

The result is this beautiful and delicious treat. The peach and tea flavors came through very well in the ice cream. The brain freeze hit me after the first bite---this ice cream is much colder than the American variety. The good news is that it holds its shape much longer, so you don't have to feel rushed to eat it.

The store is extremely popular. I can see why given the combination of great food and fun experience.

8 Fahrenheit

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