Thursday, April 28, 2016

Chamblee: Viet Tofu

Viet Tofu is an example of what seems to be a trend on Buford Highway. The format is homemade take-home food. They might have one table but you really aren't supposed to eat your food at the restaurant.

As you can see, Viet Tofu has a wide variety of foods. Much of it is tofu with various flavorings---that's the back row in the photo. The front row of the photo shows some of the other types of buns, etc. they serve. This photo doesn't show yet another row of food that was behind me. Many of the signs, but not all, have both English and Vietnamese.

I took home a bun with me and enjoyed it later. I thought the sign said vegetarian but I could have been wrong. In any case, it smelled great when I heated it and it tasted great as I ate it. A very good snack at a reasonable price.

Viet Tofu

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