Saturday, April 9, 2016

Silver Springs: Rumi's Kitchen

The Khans and I enjoyed a superb meal at Rumi's Kitchen. I had visited their old location a half-dozen years ago. Their new digs are quite large. Despite this, they provide excellent service and wonderful food. Despite being a crowded Saturday evening, we didn't feel the slightest hint of rush; to the contrary, we were encouraged to take our time and enjoy. The stellar reputation and long lines are well-earned.

We started off with the standard bread, cheese, nuts, olives, and herbs...

but our waiter suggested the off-menu appetizer assortment. Our eyes popped open as they kept laying these dishes on the table. We tried two kinds of eggplant, hummus, yogurt and cucumbers, spinach and yogurt, and something else I can't remember (it was a long meal). Everything was outstanding. I really canpt pick a favorite.

This is sumac (I think, still a long meal). Our waiter recommended that we sprinkle it on meats, explaining that it highlighted their taste and improved our health, too.

The Khans had beef and chicken kabobs. They said the food was excellent but too much to finish after all those appetizers. I ordered the chicken kofta: ground chicken balls with apricot, almonds, yogurt, and sour grape juice. The sauce was lighter than the typical Indian kofta. I loved the combination of sweet apricots, almonds, a bit of cream, and and a bit of sourness.

I had seen some baklava go by so I made sure we tried some. They were possibly the best I've ever had. They were made with pistachios, harder to find than the typical walnuts. The pastry was superbly crisp and flavorful. And the baklava had just enough honey to sweeten, not too much to overwhelm or to turn the delicate pastry into a soggy mess. What a great way to end a truly memorable meal.

Rumi's Kitchen

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  1. Sounds fun! We do tried some unknown food outside also and every time we do it, it turns out fun and exciting.