Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Grand Junction CO: Dream Cafe

Who'd a thunk it---Grand Junction is hip! When I young, back in the 20th century, Grand Junction was best known for its outstanding peaches and produce. Today, it seems to have grown into a lifestyle hub. As you can see, Main Street has been nicely refurbished. The town is bursting with interesting restaurants. Outside of town, you have easy access to year-round outdoor activities.

I had a wonderful breakfast at Dream Cafe. Downtown is a few miles from the highway but Dream Cafe is well worth the trip. The restaurant was very busy but I managed to snag a counter seat. My veggie omelet was outstanding, fluffy and perfectly cooked. The filling ingredients were fresh, flavorful, and tender. The biscuit was so soft and fluffy that I had to eat it with a fork; the fruit preserves were excellent and probably locally made.

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