Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Moab UT: Jailhouse Cafe

I just enjoyed an outstanding breakfast at the Jailhouse Cafe in Moab. This place has earned its name, having served as the county jail in the late 1800s. They have outdoor seating but I ate in the charming jailhouse, complete with historical photos. The service was extremely warm and welcoming.

This is my red pepper, mozzarella, and pesto omelet. The eggs were perfectly cooked---fluffy, light, and nourishing. The fillings were very fresh and full of flavor. I haven't seen this combination before but it worked very well. The pesto was a great idea. The whole wheat toast was of outstanding quality. The potatoes were cooked with just the right amount of crust on each cube.

I also ordered a ginger pancake and I'm glad I did. The pancake was soft and fluffy with the right kiss of ginger. It was served with an apple butter with a nice touch of ginger---I will have to try adding some ginger to my next batch of apple butter.


The next morning, I went back for another breakfast. This is their outstanding multi-grain waffle. These people really care about their food

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