Friday, July 1, 2016

Decatur: Revolution Donuts

A morning appointment in Decatur allowed me to finally samples the wares at Revolution Donuts. It's in a gentle, quiet location near the East Point MARTA station. Inside, a cornucopia of donuts awaits.

My donut selection came in a classic brown paper bag. That is the vanilla caramel donut raised donut on top; more await below.

This is the famous/notorious bacon caramel raised donut. It was quite good and more subtle than you might think. The bacon added a robust umami flavor note but didn't overpower the basic donut experience.

My favorite, however, was the buttermilk bar, a superb example of the species. The buttermilk came through clearly and was very well balanced with the glaze. And I love the buttermilk bar contrast of flavors: crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside.

I'm sure that regulars of this column now expect me to compare Revolution to Sublime. Sorry, but I will dodge that quicksand pit. The freshness required of donuts makes them an extremely local phenomenon. No one will make a u-turn half way across town to decide to go to a different donut store, nor will they stash away a box in the refrigerator for next Tuesday. Revolution Donuts and Sublime Donuts exist in blissful parallel universes, oozing excellence like sugar glaze.

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