Tuesday, July 12, 2016

KIX: Food Court

I landed at Osaka Kansai International Airport in a hungry state and ready for some comfort food. So I headed for the airport food court. These sorts of food courts are common in train stations and airports in Japan, with lots of small vendors serving a variety of quick meals. Subway was in one booth but most of the food is very Japanese. One of the restaurants specialized in eel---very popular in Japan but not so much with me. I chose this spot with their appetizing grill out front.

Here are my pork with noodles. The sorts of Japanese food we see in the U. S. tends to be light and refined but the Japanese also excel at hearty, gut-satisfying dishes. My noodles were flavorful and savory with a hint of ginger and another taste I couldn't quite identify. The dish had just enough pork to add flavor without being too heavy. This is the sort of meal that hits the spot after 12 hours crossing the Pacific in coach.

And in case you have any lingering doubts about the Japanese palate's affinity for fried food, I offer exhibit 1, which I found just after eating my meal---a poster for a restaurant that combines two of Japan's favorite chains, MOS Burger and Mister Donut.

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