Monday, July 4, 2016

South Georgia Produce Stands, Part 2: Ellis Brothers Pecans

My next stop on the I-75 tour was Ellis Brothers Pecans. They sell under the name of "We're Nuts" but their store also has their more traditional name. It's about a mile away from the highway on a quiet road but well worth the stop.

This photo shows you the huge selection of items they provide. They of course have prepared foods like chocolate dipped pecans. But they also have a huge selection of nuts, mostly pecans but others as well. This is the first place I've seen varietal pecans, so I bought some that have a higher oil content and more flavor. They rightly point out that baking takes out the oils, so I will find uses for these that don't depend on heating them. I also bought a pound of blanched peanuts that I will use for an Asian peanut sauce. Ellis Brothers offers both the most flavorful and lowest-priced nuts (at least at their own outlet) that I have so far found in south Georgia.

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