Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gordon Biersch

A staff lunch gave me the opportunity to revisit Gordon Biersch. Some beer gardens serve mediocre food; I have found Biersch's food to be consistently enjoyable.

We started with a crab and artichoke dip that everyone agreed was delicious. It had a creamy texture from which the crab flavor emerged nicely. I must say that the artichoke was a subtle taste but it gives a good texture component.

Our main dishes ranged over much of the menu. Pam and I both ordered sausages with great flavor. Kristen's fish and chips was huge.

We had to finish with chocolate so we ordered a brownie. The texture tended toward the fudgy side but was somewhere between fudgy and cakey. It had nice drizzles of chocolate and carmel; the chocolate was warm on the plate and frozen on the ice cream.

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