Saturday, August 6, 2016

Columbus GA: El Flamboyan

El Flamboyan is a fun surprise in downtown Columbus. It specializes in Puerto Rican food. As I ate, a disc jockey set up for later in the evening and played tunes from his collection. The building is old with a beautiful high ceiling. Service was very warm and helpful.

Here is the first side of their menu. I decided to try mofongo, something that I have heard about but never had the chance to eat.

Out came this beautiful dish. The outside is plantain. Inside is a stuffing, in my case chicken, green pepper, and onion. Everything about it was delicious. The sauce was subtly spiced and just slightly rich. It reminded me a little of chicken and dressing, a perfect comfort food.

Given the quality of my main course, I had to try their flan for dessert. It did not disappoint. The flan was rich and not too sweet, with beautiful texture. The sauce combined sugar and chocolate; the touch of chocolate was a perfect touch.

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