Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hollywood GA; Blue Creek Farmhouse

Blue Creek Farmhouse is at the intersection that is Hollywood GA, located on U. S. 23. This little town is at the edge of the mountains; this area seems to have quite a few pleasant surprises that I need to explore further.

The establishment offers a variety of preserves and fresh local foods that seem to be aimed at travelers. But the clientele for the restaurant was resolutely local when I visited. The workers greeted several patrons by name. The restaurant is of the order-at-the-counter variety and with a simple menu---sandwiches, burgers, some BBQ---but it promises fresh, local, farm-to-table ingredients.

My burger took some 25 minutes to arrive but once it did, it was pretty tasty. The bun was lightly toasted. All the toppings---tomato, lettuce, onion---were very fresh. The meat was freshly ground and made by hand into a patty. It came out medium well but still very juicy.

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