Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hsinchu, Taiwan: Forte Hotel Breakfast

A trip to Taiwan found me back with old friends and in familiar locations. A quarter century ago, my friend Steve Lin organized the High-Level Synthesis Workshop at the Forte Hotel. My breakfast at this old haunt was a comforting reminder of past visits to Taiwan.

This station is yet another example of Asian obsession with breakfast salad. At least they don't put "salad" on their burgers like those crazy Europeans do.

A well-appointed bread station.

The protein station.

Rice and porridge station. On my second day, I found that rice with peanuts made a great combination. Taiwan's hot, humid climate makes it a big peanut producer.

Miso soup made a very comforting and nourishing breakfast item. The small pancakes were served as a sandwich with red bean paste in the middle.

A made-to-order fried egg. The headline shows that our country isn't the only one with interesting politics.

Some steamed buns. The reddish one was filled with bean paste while the yellow one was plain.

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