Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

Soul Vegetarian has been on my list for quite some time and I finally made it. I visited their original location on Abernathy Boulevard; they have another location on the east side of town. The restaurant is run by a religious group. Their reputation for excellent vegetarian food is highly deserved. Their reception was warm and very gracious.

My main dish was jerk tofu. It was spicy but not overwhelmingly hot, with the rich mixture of spices and flavors that result from jerk marinades. I asked what was used as a substitute for ham hocks in the greens and was told that they used onion, garlic, and yeast. The greens were tender and very flavorful. The sweet potatoes were simple and delicious. The cornbread was very dense and rich; it was probably made with molasses as well as a good quality cornmeal. They offer a large selection of desserts and my cupcake was excellent. I think it was a carrot cake---very moist and rich. The icing was rich and tasty without being overly sugary.

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