Friday, September 2, 2016

Hsinchu, Taiwan: Feast

Feast is the buffet at the Hsinchu Sheraton. My former Ph.D. student Steve Huang invited me there for a wonderful reunion lunch.

This shot gives you a partial idea of the size of the buffet. This semi-infinite line is just some of the hot items. Another three or four stations are dotted around the room.

When faced with this wide variety of food, the only choice is to dive in. I had to try their roast beef, which was quite good. The potato cake was crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, as good as any I've tried. The sushi was very fresh. The dumplings were hot and steamy.

The soup was made for me and excellent.

Whenever I visit Taiwan, I make an effort to eat as much of their excellent fruit as possible.

The dessert bar was hidden in the corner but well worth the effort to find. As you can see, it provides an amazing variety of choices.

I ordered this handmade crepe. The dessert bar didn't have Nutella, unfortunately, but I enjoyed chocolate, honey, fruit, and a little custard.

But most important were my friends: my former Ph.D. students Steve Huang, Chia Han Lee, and Yuan Xie, along with two of Yuan's students who are my academic grand-students.

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