Friday, September 2, 2016

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Food Court

After checking in for my flight, I grabbed breakfast at the food court inside security. Dim sum, especially vegetarian, seemed like a great idea.

After a few minutes, I picked up my beautiful meal. The vegetarian dumplings were fresh, steamy, and delicious without being heavy. The soup was delicious and nutritious. My pot of tea made the meal feel sophisticated.

But the flight back to Atlanta was long, so I decided that the perfect chaser was a MOS Burger. It's a Japanese chain that is well-represented in Taiwan. MOS probably means "most" in this case, but nerds know the acronym as Metal Oxide Semiconductor, the type of transistor that powers your computer. All my EE friends love to visit this place and I hadn't eaten one of their burgers in years.

They serve a wide range of foods in burger format. I stuck with the tried-and-true wagyu beef burger. It's pretty tasty: lightly toasted bun, thick and juicy tomato, and beefy beef. I left for my gate fully satisfied.

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