Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cherokee NC: Chef's Table Buffet

I acquired a fondness for casino buffets as a teenager in Reno. The buffets are a godsend to hungry teenagers. The days of bargain pricing for the buffet is over, but they still offer a wide variety of food that is well-prepared. After some exercise in the mountain air above Cherokee, the buffet at the Cherokee casino seemed like a good way to sample some proteins and maybe sneak in a dessert.

This photo shows you the scale of the place.

I started with sushi.

In casinos, everything is big, including the lemons.

My next stop was the Italian bar for some pizza and salad.

Onto the highlight of the meal, the BBQ station. This plate has salmon (a nice surprise), roast beef, a rib, and some brisket.

The Oktoberfest station was a seasonal treat. I had some sausage, sauerkraut, tomato salad, and chopped salad.

I wound things up with a slice of cheesecake; I also snuck in a piece of chocolate cake. The cheesecake was my favored dessert.

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