Sunday, October 2, 2016

Clarkesville GA: Harvest Habersham Restaurant

I greatly enjoyed my meal at Harvest Habersham; it was well worth the hour drive from Atlanta. The restaurant specializes in farm-to-table cooking, with a large map at the entrance to show the locations of their farmers from around the state. The interior is decorated much like an upscale but welcoming home, with big, comfortable chairs and solid wood tables. The staff's very courteous service does much to make one feel at home.

I started with a cucumber and onion soup. Rather than mix cream into the soup, it featured a dollop of sour cream in the middle. This allowed the soup to remain light and show off the ingredients while still allowing me to spoon in some richness. The flavors of the vegetables really came through nicely. Cucumbers must be in season; they featured in several other dishes as well.

My main course was trout coated with cornmeal. This dish displayed an impressive balance---the trout was perfectly cooked, moist and tender, while the cornmeal coating was perfectly crisp. Underneath was a composition of potatoes, cucumber, and a few greens. I wasn't sure to expect but I thought that all the flavors worked together extremely well, not to mention the textures.

I was very impressed with Harvest Habersham. I intend to return.

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