Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chai Peking

Chai Peking is a mainstay of the Toco Hills neighborhood; tonight was my night to finally try it. It's located in the Toco Hills Kroger, between the deli and bakery. You can either eat it in Kroger's at one of their tables or take it home. Did I mention that it's kosher?

The proprietor told me that General Tso's chicken was "the number one favorite" so that's what I ordered. It comes with soup, egg roll, rice, and drink. This was a very enjoyable meal. I asked for the chicken broth for my soup, which was outstanding. The General Tso's chicken was excellent: crust still crispy, sauce an outstanding balance of sweet and savory. The egg roll was very comforting. It's no wonder that Chai Peking has been around for so long...

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