Saturday, January 14, 2017


Exercise demands its reward of protein; a good round of BBQ is the perfect follow-up to a round of golf. Today, my 19th hole was at D&T BBQ. This is excellent BBQ and I will be back.

I pulled up just in time to watch the pitmaster load wood into the smoker.

The ribs came out very, very hot. I let them cool a few minutes before I ate them. The bread on top---which was whole wheat rather than the usual white---acted as an insulating layer. Once I dug in, I found them to be excellent. Each rib had a nice, red smoke ring. The meat was toothy and very satisfying to eat. If you are going for the carnivore experience, you may go all the way. The pork flavor came through perfectly.

I asked for sauce on the side. It was so good that I took a sip after I finished the ribs. The best way I an describe it is very smooth. None of the flavors are overpowering but each comes forward in its own way. My initial impression was sourness from the vinegar. The tomato sweetness came through next. Finally, the sauce left me with a dose of heat. The sauce was a sophisticated experience that complemented the meat.

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