Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lincoln NE: Tina's Cafe

Justin pulled out the stops to show me an outstanding breakfast at Tina's Cafe. It is located in the industrial part of Lincoln; a junkyard dog's house overlooks the parking lot. The menu is on the sign in front. Inside, Tina knows what the regulars will order even before they walk in the door.

We ended up trying each of the two styles of breakfast rolls. They differ in their toppings---white icing vs. sticky with pecans. Each of these is half of a roll; we packed the other two halves back. I ate the sticky role with pecans and melted butter on top. It was decadent and delicious. The butter added a pefect touch.

I needed some protein for balance. I really enjoyed my veggie omelet. It was tender and rich with a topping of cheese. The filling included onions, green pepper, and mushrooms.

This is big food, made for people who work hard. It is also very well prepared and served with a familiar warmth that I'm sure keeps the regulars coming back.

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