Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tucson AZ: Feast

The Farmers and I enjoyed a wonderful, sumptuous meal at Feast. The restaurant is located on Speedway a mile or so from the University of Arizona campus. The space is large and inviting with a high ceiling and large windows. The space also includes a wine store with a substantial collection but ordering wine with your meal is the traditional process. The service was excellent; the owner stopped by twice to check on us.

Mp< We started with three appetizers. The top photo shows the shrimp with coffee mole. The coffee was a perfect note, a great complementary flavor that was just strong enough. The second was an artisanal cheese plate; the chorizo was a particular hit around the table. The third was lamb in the shape of a falafel, which was very tender and juicy.

Our main dishes included coq au vin, beef short ribs, and salmon. Mine was the short ribs. The portion was very generous and satisfying. The meat was fork tender and full of flavor. The grits had a perfect consistency and their creaminess went well with the rich beef.

We tried several desserts: a chocolate and hazelnut tart, a small dish of ice cream (made on the premises, of course), and what I think was a carrot cake. The chocolate tart was very smooth---the chocolate came through very clearly but wasn't overpowering.

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