Saturday, January 21, 2017

Update: Sprig

I am happy to report that Spring is going strong. The view of the adjoining park was beautiful. I started with these cheese grits fries---cheese grits sliced into railroad ties, coated with a light breading, and lightly fried for crispiness. They were delicious and gave an intriguing combinations of textures. The dipping sauce was thick with cheese and delightful.

My main course was this beautiful salmon. I ordered it medium rare, which made it enjoyably soft and moist. The plating gave a Japanese twist. Noodles underneath the salmon gave some starch and a nice bit of texture. The bit of teriyaki sauce around the sides added a umami boost.

I managed to sneak a peek at these grouper tacos. They were filled with big chunks of breaded and fried grouper.

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